Meaning and Importance of Law in Nigeria

The meaning and importance of law in Nigeria is  controversial in nature. Because its definition varies depending on the view of the scholar but howbeit, such definition is directed to point at a particular meaning of it.

Meaning and Definition of Law in Nigeria

Law is defined as the set of rule made by the Governors on the governed which when disobeyed could attract punishment.

Law is also defined to mean the set of rules made by authority which is aught to be obeyed.

The meaning of law is held to be those basic rules and regulations which is created by the government, enforceable by such government officials or officials and to be obeyed by the citizens of such geographical areas.

It is commonly made by the government or authorities which the citizens or members must obey and fulfil its obligations or they would be dragged to face punishment of the law.

To define law in layman understand is to say that law are those principles and regulations which is established or made in a community by some authority, applicable to the people which is expected to be obeyed by the people that it is made on. Note that law is made or established in the form of  either the legislation or customs and policies enforceable by the decision of the judiciary.

In legal parlance, law is seen or recognized as any written or positive rules drafted under an authority or the state.

8 Importance of Law in the Society

The importance of law in the society can never be over emphasized due to its numerous role to bringing the society to a better shape.

1. Law serves as Deterrence in the Society

Law acts deterrence to the people of every community. Hence, the crime is prevented by the huge punishment given to the one who commits such offence.

The increase in the severe punishments of a crime is made to reduce and deter people from committing the crime, that is why individuals who believe in the cost of a crime are less likely to commit that crime but those people who do not expect to be arrested for committing a crime are more closer to being a victim and however are caught and punished against the offence.

2. It Serves as a Code of Conduct

In the society where there is an effective law, such law acts as a code of conduct and that is why it is as it is necessary to bring into effect an appropriate standards that would regulate every one’s behavior and to monitor the actions of the government officials to avoid dictator

3. It Helps for easy civilization

just like in the state of nature, survival in the society would be so brutal as the might one would always use the less privileged as prey. When there is no law, there is a greater tendency that natural selection and of course, survival would prevail thereby every man running his daily activities without order and policies in the society.

Just as Hobbes opined that the state of nature is featured by the “the war of every man against every man” in which chaos and v!olence prevails, competition against every man where every individual has their held right over everything that is in the society not minding the feelings and interests of others.
According to Hobbes, society in the state of lawless nature, was “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” .
However, law has tremendously played such a beautiful role as a catalyst as people tend to develop and making progress in the society by bringing such rule of equal right of every man both the weak and the less privileged, the country economy is however also managed effectively with the use of law and order. Values and beliefs of the people in the society is also regulated and guided by law.
The political, economic, and societal components are all in the arm watch of the law for peace and order to be maintained.

4. Law serves as a Standard for acceptable behavior in society

In the society today, law has been held to have played a very crucial role in the peace making between conflicting parties. Disputes which arise as a matter of misunderstanding are however amicably settled with the use of law bringing order to play. Hence, when stating those sets of rules, it is important to put into consideration some factors which causes disagreement and disputes in order to help maintain the law and ensure tranquility in the society.
In making what should be held to be law, it is important to understand the people of the society and analyze their way of life so as to consider what would be acceptable to them as law.
Howbeit, just like time, law also fades. As times passes and the society evolve, in same way does what could be seen to be acceptable in the society change. Therefore the law making body of the society are however beckoned on to remain considerate in reshaping the societal law.

5. Law Helps to Maintain Justice in the Society

In a society where there is a functional law, there is an equitable access to every one I’m such society not just to some selected few. Therefore, the law of equity is hold to a high esteem bringing to justice every offender of the law.
Every offender of a crime is expected to be brought to justice and be punished accordingly if caught. This so because if punishment is prescribed and enforced, it will serve as deterrence to others who would think of committing or conspiring to commit such crime.
Every offender who is found guilty is brought to justice to face a proper punishment according to the level of his or her punishment.
Therefore, if Mr. Wilson has pointed a gun to Mr. Dee, the punishment for such crime is not expected to be equal to that of Eze who has stolen a yam to feed himself.
The rule of justice should prevail.

6. Law Helps to Maintain Peace in the society

To ensure fair living in the society, it is as important as living, to maintain tranquility and equality for the application of justice. Peace is a top reason for justice. In a state where there is an effective law, peace and order are seen roaming as the people enjoys their lives with no fear of attack.

Law aides for Societal Progress: with law, the set of goal to be achieved in the society is set to play. Every society or nation or country have a particular goal they are aimed at achieving which law play a very vital role to ensure the success if the goal.

In the Nigeria constitution such goal is said to be “the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of the state policy” as provided in the chapter 2 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in which the Fundamental Obligations of the Government and so on are placed to high esteem.

That is to say that the conception of the legislation as an instrument for social change would not be  problematic if only the people would agree to that.

Just like I said earlier, the importance of law can not be over emphasized due to its prevalent role play in the society both for peace, order, modernization, social change, and its help to individuals to mobilize and coexist with each other as they run their day to day activities.

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